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  • A single dose antidepressant taken once every 12 weeks has a 37% effectiveness rate with treatment resistant depression

    This week the New England Journal of Medicine published an expansive study using psilocybin to address treatment resistant depression. The study’s authors manufactured a synthetic psilocybin (named COMP360) and gave it to participants who had not had good treatment results from at least two antidepressants already on the market. There were 22 sites for the study in the UK, USA, Canada, and seven European countries, casting a wide net of cultures and lifestyles.  

    With the administration of just one 25mg dose of COMP260, after 12 weeks 37% of the participants showed improvement. Most people with treatment resistant depression take their medicine two or three times each day! Most antidepressants require six months to achieve effectiveness. This study showed in as little as three weeks 29% no longer clinically qualified to be diagnosed with depression. 

    One 25mg pill taken every 12 weeks can cause remission in 29% of the people who can’t be helped by traditional psychopharmacology! We are looking at a breakthrough treatment not seen since SSRIs were introduced in 1982. 

    This study represents the phase 2 trials for the FDA on the path to allowing psilocybin treatment for depression and is being used in other countries to legalize the clinical use of psychedelics in psychotherapy.